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Perugntas Frequentes

  • What is the procedure for purchasing PVC products at Fabriu?
    1st Step: The customer gets in touch with Fabriu through the website, telephone or email. A budget request can also be made with the indication of all the necessary data, but due to the wide variety of important aspects, this will be approximate. From the first contact, the customer is accompanied by an experienced technician and salesperson. 2nd Step: After a visit by the technician to the work site, a final budget is requested. 3rd Step: After confirmation by the customer, manufacturing begins. 4th Step: As soon as the product is manufactured, the customer is contacted to schedule a date and time to assemble it.
  • Are quotes free?
    Fabriu offers its customers a free quote with the support of sales and technicians experienced in the area.
  • How can I request a quote?
    The request for a quote can be made by filling in a form that is available on the website or by sending an email to Fabriu. The data you need to indicate are the following: height and width, profile type and color, type of glass, type of opening, location of the work. To request a definitive quote, the technician must go to the place where the work is to be carried out to take the final measurements and give professional help in choosing the type of window/door and necessary accessories.
  • How long does it take to give a quote?
    Usually, the estimated time to give a quote is up to 24 hours.
  • Are the old windows removed by the Fabriu assembly team?
    The old window frames are removed by the Fabriu team.
  • How long does it take to change windows in a house?
    The time to replace old windows with new windows depends on the specific characteristics of each work. However, these jobs are usually quick and easy to perform. The process consists of removing the old windows, fixing the new ones, later putting the gaskets and sealing.
  • What is the warranty period?
    The warranty is 5 years. It does not cover problems arising from accidents or mishandling.
  • How to choose PVC windows and doors?
    One of the essential points in choosing a good PVC product is the quality of its constituents. With high quality profiles, glass and hardware, windows and doors retain their characteristics, color and performance for a long time. In addition, installation is also an important aspect that contributes to the durability and quality of the window or door.
  • What elements are PVC windows and doors made of?
    They consist of the following elements: PVC profile, glass and hardware. In addition, they may have additional accessories such as climate control systems, decorative handles and levers, child safety locks, decorative bars.
  • What determines the value of PVC window or door?
    The value of a PVC door or window is determined by the configuration of the window, type of profile and glass chosen, accessories and additional services required.
  • What colors can PVC windows be?
    Initially, PVC windows and doors were exclusively white, but nowadays PVC profiles can be applied in any texture or color.
  • Is the PVC profile safe for people's health?
    PVC is a completely safe material and does not leave any implications for human health. Furthermore, PVC windows and doors have been used not only in private housing, but also in hospitals, schools and preschool institutions.
  • Are PVC products fire resistant?
    PVC profiles are highly resistant to fire, so they are very effective in protecting against fire.
  • Does PVC window protect against theft?
    A quality window has theft protection features. The resistant profiles, glass and specific accessories, combined with a specialized installation, offer the windows good protection against burglary.
  • What maintenance do PVC products need?
    The maintenance required by PVC windows, doors and blinds is almost nil. It is advisable, at least once a year, to clean the profiles and lubricate the accessories.
  • How are PVC windows and doors cleaned?
    In fact, PVC windows and doors do not require any special care, however, in order to always have an elegant appearance, they must be periodically cleaned. To do the same, you can use water and a mild detergent. For cleaning, sponges and chemical products should not be used.
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