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Class A+ Efficient Windows

Swap your old Windows for new ones and enjoy

Government support up to €1500


What are Windows


The installation of Class A+ efficient windows is a solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home

Efficient windows control indoor climate, reducing electricity costs for heating your home in winter and cooling it in summer. All window elements – profile, glass and accessories – contribute to savings on your electricity bill and increase the energy class of your home. 

Replacing your old windows with efficient windows allows for significant energy and money savings, increasing comfort inside your home and contributing to a more sustainable future. 

The Class A+ energy label is the highest rating on the equipment efficiency scale in terms of consumption. The scale starts with an “F” (least efficient) and goes up to an “A+” (most efficient).

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Advantages of Efficient Windows

Transform your home into a warm place with energy savings

icone isolamento termico

 Better thermal insulation

icone isolamento acustico dos produtos P

 Better sound insulation

icone classes de eficiencia energetica

Increase the energy class of your home

poupnca do dinheiro

Significant savings on electricity bills

icone durabilidade dos produtos pvc

 More durability 

icone variedade de cores e modelos dos p

Variety of models

and colors

edificios sustentaveis
Janelas e Portas eficientes - Class A+.p

Government helps pay
New Windows

If your house was built before 2006, you can benefit from the “Program to Support More Sustainable Buildings”

Individuals, owners of existing and occupied residential buildings, built by the end of 2006, can apply to the “More Sustainable Buildings Support Program” , whose objective is the rehabilitation of residential buildings.

The contribution rate is 85% non-refundable, for investments that can go up to €7500 per house or apartment. Support for installing windows can go up to €1500.

If the replacement of yours (ex: 5 windows) costs 1800 euros, the state returns 85% of this amount, so   ends up paying only 270 euros, that is, more or less 54 euros per window .

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