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porta de entrada fabriu

Entry Doors

At any time of day or season of the year, a gateway is a key element of our safety and well-being. In addition to being aesthetically elegant and safe, they have high climate and sound insulation and affordable prices. 

PVC and Aluminum entrance doors are quite common in the construction of houses, offices and different commercial facilities. This is because they meet the highest safety requirements, have a long service life and can be handled intuitively.
The variety of styles, colors and models available for entry doors can be adapted to any decor, personal taste or home structure.

STEGA entrance doors

Estega is a Spanish brand, dedicated to the manufacture of PVC and Aluminum entrance door panels. Estega has the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which guarantees the best quality of products. 


Estega panels come in a range of special finishes, with a choice of different material combinations, including aluminium, PVC, plywood and XPS.


The panel production process is fully automated, which makes it possible to manufacture good quality products and have an amazing production capacity. 


Panels by Estega combine extraordinary features and design, excellent technical performance and an unbeatable quality/price ratio.


PANEDGE entry ports

PANEDGE is a Portuguese brand, focused on the construction of decorative panels for PVC and Aluminum exterior doors. A diversified range of panels and an excellent combination of materials make PANEDGE the national leader in panel production.


In manufacturing, PANEDGE uses different types of material, including aluminum, PVC, XMS, hydrophobic plywood, which allows for excellent thermal and acoustic conditions, while maintaining the design of the entrance doors.


PANEDGE is certified in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, within the scope of the Production and Sale of Panels.

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